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    Capitalism is in its deepest crisis in 80 years. Neo-liberalism and free market ideology have been thoroughly discredited. The important question now is not what went wrong, but rather, which way forward?

    Movements need spaces in which to discuss, debate and build unity. The conference “Make Capitalism History” seeks to bring students and pupils from the student strike together with activists from the anti-crisis protests, the trade unions, the Left Party, and the global justice movement.

    We want to discuss the causes of the economic crisis and what an alternative, democratic economy could look like. We will also address the role of education in capitalism and how we can begin to organize a fight-back.

    What are the real dimensions of the crisis? Can the so-called “Green New Deal” solve our problems? How would an alternative economy work? What can we learn from the mistakes of the past? What would real equality between the sexes look like? What would a truly free and just education system look like? What do we need to do to realize the change we seek?

    By the start of the conference Germany will have a new federal government and the next semester will be about to begin. Ultimately, it’s about what we can do here and now, as well as what the next steps for the extra-parliamentary movement are. Because the best answer to the economic crisis is to get active and get organized.

    Join us!

    Note for non-German speakers: though the primary language of the conference will be German, there will also be several podiums and workshops in English. Most attendees will be able to speak at least some English, so that participation and discussion for non-German speakers will be possible.